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should i change my url to 'elisesdelaserres' or stay 'alwaysthestars'?

Currently tagging 'doctor who spoilers' and 'mockingjay spoilers.'
Constantly crying about team nice dynamite goodbye.

Seriously they've ruined my life I'm not kidding.

running an extensive queue because college
the reapers are the angels by alden bell

on writing by stephen king

the art of dramatic writing by lajos egri
achievement hunter

say yes to the dress season 4


Doctor Who series 8
introduction to digital cinema

arabic literature

drama and script writing

introduction to professional writing

senior seminar
Stop acting so small. you are the universe in estatic motion.

you're the sun;
Mollyann, XXI. A child with a drinking permit. Mostly Achievement Hunter. I saw a traveling Broadway performance of The Phantom of the Opera and I have given it my life. Nice bird, asshole.

So I went into one of my university’s bathrooms the other day and found these signs.

Good for you, Northern. You go Northern.

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